Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Perfect Storm, not the movie

I know it's been a while since I posted.  I've been busy and honestly, nothing has struck me as needing my opinion.

Even today, I don't seem to be conflicted about anything.  I'm concerned though.

Tropical Storm Sandy is headed our way.  Last week I heard about this "depression" and honestly, never gave it another thought.  Then earlier this week, the news started reporting things about the hurricane that might be headed up the coast.  And then, suddenly (to me anyhow) we're battening down the hatches and preparing for what could be the worst storm to hit this part of our state ever.

It seems that the now tropical storm is tracking by DC and headed straight to Central PA where I live.  But what complicates it is that there's another storm west of us that's headed this way, and this one has a cold front.  As I understand it, people south west of us will get snow and we'll get more rain.

The "perfect storm", or Frankenstorm as some are calling it, is due to arrive later today.  Since my husband's surgery, he's been very limited in what he can do so I've been doing nearly everything.  So yesterday, I got everything out from under the tent that I could move, boxed up the decorative things and moved it all to the basement.  I put chairs on the side porch and then took down the mosquito netting and bagged it up.  What concerned me though, was the canvas tent.

I've had offers from friends to come help with that next weekend, but we decided it needed done today and it's something I couldn't do.  So we called my brother, who was able to come and help out and it's all done.  The backyard is as ready as we can get it for the impending storm.

I went out earlier to get a few things that I didn't have time for yesterday-some bottled water, batteries and gas for my car in case I have to charge my cellphone.  I found water at one store out of three (even Wal-Mart was out!!) and when I took mine, there were about 20 cases left.  Not very much.  I never found D batteries so if our electricity goes out, the little lantern will be done when the batteries go.  I also have a nice oil lantern and we have a battery radio.  Lots of water, a gas grill and a wood stove.  We're good to go!

So today my opinion is this-if a storm is coming, pay more attention and start getting ready sooner. And if you're prepared, nothing serious will happen!!

Stay safe, everyone!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christmas in October?

It's just my opinion...but I've heard others express it too so I'm putting it in writing.  Christmas stuff?  Already?  Or maybe I should say MORE Christmas stuff.  

It's too early.  I'm older but I can remember when you never even saw a tree up in a store until Black Friday.  Then, the day I turned 40, I went to the mall and saw a major store all decorated for Christmas.  It was mid-October.  I was really shocked. 

One year I saw a store that was decorated at Labor Day.  Granted, that was only one store, and even though it's one of my favorite stores, I walked out, and didn't go back until the 26th of December and bought sale items.

Now you see Christmas items in nearly every store.  Halloween candy is on sale and THAT holiday is two weeks away.  

In my Avon business, it's essential for us to have Christmas on the cover of our brochures in October.  My customers have four more shopping days with me.  They need to shop now.  Mail order catalogs have been showing Christmas for even longer.  I don't mind that.  

I guess what bothers me is that some people have lost sight of what Christmas is.  We celebrate the birth of Christ by giving gifts to our family and friends as the Magi gave gifts to the Christ child.  We don't need to be bombarded by this every time we head to a grocery store or even into Wal-Mart to buy sweatpants.  We don't have to buy all the "stuff" they're showing.  Many can't afford to spend much money and others have enough to buy anything and everything.  But it's not the point of Christmas.  Sure, it's nice to get that special gift from someone, but we don't have to start thinking about it now.

Make/paint/create something if you have the skills-ignore the stores if you can, at least until after Thanksgiving when you turn on the Christmas music and sing along to all the songs.  But not now.

It's just my opinion, but I think that the stores need to back off a little-or a lot...your thoughts?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just my opinion on politics...

It's just my opinion but I'm so tired of politics right now.

I'm tired of bashing, one-sided slams against the other side (and both sides are equally annoying) and all of the people who don't understand that there are some of us out there who choose to keep our choice to ourselves and will not likely be swayed by what's going on.

It's not just me either.  I talk with people every day who tell me they feel the same way.  

If you've decided who your choice is, I respect that.  I respect everyone who thinks their guy is the best and the other guy isn't.

But I think that the bottom line is this.  Both men want what's best for this country.  Whoever is elected will try their best to do what they can.  I really believe that.  In the past, there were Presidents I didn't agree with.  But I had to agree that they were trying their best, mistakes and all.  

I read this the other it too...

 "Your Facebook status really made me change my political views." Said no one ever.

May the better man win!  (And when it's all over and done, I won't tell you who my choice was anyhow!!)

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Our son's birthday was Friday.  He had to work.  So we went to his restaurant and had dinner with him before he started his shift.  We took a little cake too, although he would probably have preferred that we not bring ANY attention to him.  We didn't sing and all we did was have a meal and a slice of cake with him.  It was fun!

It's just my opinion but I think we need to have a birthday every day.

If we did, a few things would happen though.  Many of us would go broke buying cards and presents!  But most of all we'd all weigh a million pounds!

Today we had a small family party.  Our daughter and her family couldn't be here so there were only 8 of us.  As it turned out, everyone offered to bring things so there was little for us to do other than the prep for a meal-and cook the burgers!

My brother's wife asked if she could bring the cake.  She knew she'd have free time this weekend so I asked her to bring a chocolate cake with buttercream icing, which is my son's favorite.

She really went overboard!  It was, as I said on Facebook, THE BEST CAKE EVER!  (And if anyone asks, I think she should be given the title of the family cake baker!)  It's a good thing most of it went home with others because my efforts at losing that Italy weight would be destroyed!!

Birthdays can be a great thing, especially if you're young and the best cake-baker is making your cake!

It's just my opinion though...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to comment

It seems that there's some difficulty in commenting.  I don't know why, but it's seems that the only way you can comment is to do it anonymously.  So if you comment, put your name in the comment so I know it's you!  Thanks!

Why Everyone Needs to go to Italy at least once

This summer we took a vacation.  It wasn't just any old vacation though.  Did we go to the beach? Did we eat ourselves silly?  Did we see absolutely breathtaking views and walk through churches that are over 1000 years old?  Did we see Roman ruins?  Yep.  We did all that and more.

But this vacation was a long time coming.  It was the first real vacation we've had in 12 years.  Oh, we've been away for a day or three here and there, but not a real GO SOMEWHERE NEW vacation in all those years.

So I saved.  And saved some more.  Who would've thought it would take so long?

Our daughter and her family are in Spain every year, visiting her in-laws.  This year they did that, and then spent some time in Southern France with a bunch of friends, sharing an old Chateau near Andorra.  One day last winter she suggested that we meet her and the kids for a vacation since her husband would be headed home, out of vacation days, after the visit to Southern France and a few days in Paris.

We talked, talked some more, mulled it over and decided this was the year to do it.  There were logistics pulling this off, financially, but also WHERE to go and what to do.  After much discussion, we decided to go to Italy.  My daughter has a friend who lives there, and she offered her home to us.  So in July we all headed to Venice and then on to a town near Vicenza for the start of our vacation.

It was awesome.  We went to the beach, at Lake Garda, saw the Adriatic Sea, town after amazing town where there were sights to behold and shops to wander in and out of.

But the best reason to go to Italy is the food.  Now, those of you who know me know that I could honestly ignore food and be completely happy.  But wow!  Italian food made in Italy.  Every meal I ate featured pasta, freshly made with sauce that didn't come out of a jar.  Gnocchi.  Pizza.  Spaghetti.  I have never, in my entire life, had pasta to match what we had there.

Being able to see the sights between meals was wonderful though.  Churches, Basilicas, the Grand Canal in Venice...breathtaking!  If you ever have the chance to visit Northern Italy...don't hesitate.  Just go!  Of course, it's just my opinion!

And I'll add our days in France another time!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yep, it's my opinion...

Someone asked me what you need to do in your life so that you don't have regrets on your deathbed.

I think that we all make mistakes.  In fact, I don't know anyone who hasn't done or said something that they seriously regret.  Most of us make mistakes every day in some shape or form.

Some people, and I truly believe this, don't care who they hurt by their words or actions.  They never say I'm sorry (at least not to me) and act as if they're better than everyone else.  Those people will have to think about their mistakes as their lives come to a close.  Personally, I think we're all equal in God's eyes.

We have to redeem ourselves.  We apologize.  We go the extra mile for those we've hurt unintentionally, and we know when that happens.  We have to understand that everyone walks in the same shoes we walk in.  And even if those we hurt don't accept our sincere apology, we know that God is aware of our contrition and we can move forward.

As our lives go on, we can look back at what we've done, and hopefully, we can honestly say that during those bad times of actions or words, that we've done everything we can to mend the fences that we've broken.

We ask God for forgiveness.  In my church, we do it publicly every Sunday.  We ask God to forgive us our transgressions.  Every day, in my personal life, I pray that if I've hurt anyone, that I can find a way to fix it, or at least say that I'm sorry.  I try to be aware of what I say and do, but honestly, sometimes we speak before our brains are engaged.  Those are the rough times and sometimes those words are hard to take back.  We have to pray that we can make those we've hurt understand that we're sorry, and mean it.

Ask God for forgiveness, and MEAN it when you ask.  MEAN it when you say you're sorry.  MEAN it when you do something you regret and find a way to make it right.  If we do those things, when our lives end we won't have anything to regret.

And it's just my opinion...
I tried writing a blog before but I really felt that it failed.  I had no idea who was reading it, or if anyone did, and if they did, few left comments.  Maybe my thoughts aren't interesting and that's ok.  All I ask is that you leave me a short comment when you read, and if you find it interesting, pass it along to others.  I thank you in advance!

I'll start my new blog by asking a few questions.  Hopefully, those of you who read it will like it.  Would you tell me what you'd like me to write about?  Can you give me suggestions as to what YOU might find interesting?

I know that I have a lot of opinions on many things and it's not always what others want to hear.  I don't discuss politics at all so please don't ask my thoughts on that!

I'm interested in hearing from YOU.  Comments are welcome and appreciated.

So we'll try again and see how this goes!

It's just my opinion but I think EVERYONE needs to go to Italy at least once in their life.  Next time I'll tell you why!!