Sunday, September 30, 2012


Our son's birthday was Friday.  He had to work.  So we went to his restaurant and had dinner with him before he started his shift.  We took a little cake too, although he would probably have preferred that we not bring ANY attention to him.  We didn't sing and all we did was have a meal and a slice of cake with him.  It was fun!

It's just my opinion but I think we need to have a birthday every day.

If we did, a few things would happen though.  Many of us would go broke buying cards and presents!  But most of all we'd all weigh a million pounds!

Today we had a small family party.  Our daughter and her family couldn't be here so there were only 8 of us.  As it turned out, everyone offered to bring things so there was little for us to do other than the prep for a meal-and cook the burgers!

My brother's wife asked if she could bring the cake.  She knew she'd have free time this weekend so I asked her to bring a chocolate cake with buttercream icing, which is my son's favorite.

She really went overboard!  It was, as I said on Facebook, THE BEST CAKE EVER!  (And if anyone asks, I think she should be given the title of the family cake baker!)  It's a good thing most of it went home with others because my efforts at losing that Italy weight would be destroyed!!

Birthdays can be a great thing, especially if you're young and the best cake-baker is making your cake!

It's just my opinion though...


  1. Maybe she can make your cake. I have a sinless chocolate one for you. S

  2. I'm wanting Chocolate with peanut butter icing... It's no sinless.

  3. I wonder if Amy wrote that last one, LOL! SHE loves chocolate with PB icing too!