Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just my opinion on politics...

It's just my opinion but I'm so tired of politics right now.

I'm tired of bashing, one-sided slams against the other side (and both sides are equally annoying) and all of the people who don't understand that there are some of us out there who choose to keep our choice to ourselves and will not likely be swayed by what's going on.

It's not just me either.  I talk with people every day who tell me they feel the same way.  

If you've decided who your choice is, I respect that.  I respect everyone who thinks their guy is the best and the other guy isn't.

But I think that the bottom line is this.  Both men want what's best for this country.  Whoever is elected will try their best to do what they can.  I really believe that.  In the past, there were Presidents I didn't agree with.  But I had to agree that they were trying their best, mistakes and all.  

I read this the other it too...

 "Your Facebook status really made me change my political views." Said no one ever.

May the better man win!  (And when it's all over and done, I won't tell you who my choice was anyhow!!)


  1. Well I don't agree. I believe that this election more than any other will be a defining moment in history. IF I was undecided a month ago I am not now. IF I had doubts if the president was a Muslim I do not doubt it any longer. Do I think what he plans to do the next 4 years will hurt the elderly and poor...yes I do no matter how much they try to sugar coat it. This administration has done nothing but lie this past month and I as a morally upright person must ask why? As for our decisions to remain a secret? I believe this day and time is a cowards way out. I believe if you honestly believe who you want the next four years and "WHY." I do not see why anyone would be ashamed because convictions of right and wrong should be our rule now. Not what I can and can not get. Selfish Americans that will not look what our decision will cost our grandchildren... As for the commercials? I don't watch much TV so I don't care but you know that's politics...

  2. A coward's way out? I know many people who are not stating their choice. They have no signs in their yard, they don't discuss politics at all. They aren't cowards-they choose privacy, that's all.

    That's why it's just my opinion. I'm not ashamed of my choice, it's just that by stating it, it will start "discussions" regardless of who it is. I just prefer to keep my decisions to myself. I don't like the commercials and tend to ignore them if I happen to see them. Many of them are so terribly biased. As I've said before, I wish the commercials I see would tell me what YOUR guy can do, not what's wrong with the other guy.

    Everyone has opinions and everyone is welcome to them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am only going to say a few things on this subject. if you wanted to keep your opinion to yourself why do you keep making statements about it? Just say who you are for and be done with it. I know who you are for so I don't really care, but quit making comments about it. I agree stand up for what you believe in and be proud that you do. I may not agree or I may but its your choice. Once a democrat not always a democrat is what I say!! S

  4. This "opinion" was not posted for any reason other than to let those who might read my blog know how I feel about what's happening around me. (It has nothing to do with who I might or might not vote for.) I know that most people already know who they're voting for. All this negativity going on is not a healthy way to run a campaign-and I don't care which side you're on. Those people creating this on BOTH SIDES bother me.

    I guess because it's constantly bombarding me it makes me want to say something about it. My opinion, today anyhow, has nothing to do with WHO is running, it's HOW it's all being thrown at us.

  5. NOT being thrown at me...I guess I don't watch the correct TV commercials. After Thursdays debate I am so glad I'm voting republican. The childish display of a human being who holds such a high office. Typical of the people that voted for him as well. The one comment earlier about not bringing up the subject. I agree...You do like so many when you want to stir trouble. It already is such a heated moment especially after our Administration allowed the murders to take place a month ago and then allow Americans believe a lie.... Kinda like playing the race card when needed. Just an opinion.